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Event Tanners

Welcome to tanning for Events. It's popular to get skin aglow with a little color for special events like, Prom, Photo Shoots, and Weddings to name a few. What ever the event Tanning World is here to help you look our best and feel confident!

When considering what shade you'd like to be for your event, take into consideration your natural skin tone. Event tanners with fair skin would not do well with a dark bronzer, whereas someone with darker skin or some tan established would be. Please as always consult one of our tanning consultant at your Tanning World Salons. 

A recommendation would be to do a  Cocktail Tan with Coordinating Cocktail Tan lotion. Like these:
CalTan, Kardashian Double Dip, Kardashian Special Event Bronzer

Event Tanner Lotions


For those Tanners whom have time to prepare, we would recommend a few sessions in our Level 1 beds and then closer to event date 1-2 visits in a high-pressure, level 4 or 5, beds. Having this extra time ensures an even tan and the desired shade is achieved. 

Event Tanner Beds